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TwinFest 2020


Interested in performing at the TwinFest, July  2 - 11, 2020? Performers will receive great exposure as thousands of people attend this maiden Festival. All performances must be family-friendly and upbeat (no dark rock, gothic or heavy metal). Performers will be noted in the Festival Event Guide & Brochure, performance advertisements, and performance related press releases. Register at Deadline June 30, 2020.

Any inquiries email:


Rules for Performers

  • The Main Stage is equipped with a sound technician that must be used.

  • Please Note: CD sales of your product are permitted; however, performers should not base their participation with an expectation of sales.

  • The sale of other goods is strictly prohibited, unless approved in writing, by the TTPFP Festival Staff.

  • There is no fees for any performance, only some honararium.

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before your assigned performance time. Performers who do not show up at their slated times will not be welcomed back in subsequent years.

  • I have read the above conditions and agree to save and hold harmless the TwinFest , Trebi Kuma Ollennu Foundation for Community Development (TKOFCD), Strathcona Community League and the City of Edmonton and any of their officers, agents, servants and employees free from liability for a) any damage to or loss of equipment under this agreement b) any personal injury (including death) associated with the Performer’s participation under this agreement. The Performer recognizes their responsibility to provide adequate insurance policies to cover such an eventuality c) any and all suits or claims alleging damage or injury (including death) to any person or property that may occur or may be alleged to have occurred as a result of the Performer’s participation and negligence arising from the preparation, staging, storage, display or sale of items and, at its own expense. The Performer shall defend any and all such actions and pay all legal charges and other costs, arising thereof.