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When is the festival?


TwinFest Edmonton usually takes place the second weekend in July annually. Venues - Whyte Ave and End of Steel park


Who can participate?

Twins , triplets and all multiples births of any age are welcome (from newborns to octogenarians). You can bring friends and family as well to take the pictures. The general public is welcome.


What are the costs?

There is no cost (entry fee) to enter the parade.


Are non-identical twins welcome?

Of course yes. Anyone from a multiple birth is welcome.


What do I have to do to get into the Twinfest Parade?

Read the Rules & Regulations and then fill the Parade Registration Form online and hit submit. You can also print and mail to The Parade Committee, TwinFest,  P. O. Box 3009, Beaumont, AB, T4X 1K8


Should all of us dress alike?

No & Yes. Dress to be happy and dress to win something, paying attention to the theme – "Hats-Off"


What If my Twin is not willing to come or not available?

Sometimes due to circumstances beyond your control your twin may not be able to attend, or sadly you lost your twin. Once you are a twin you are most welcome – alone or not.


Can my twins or triplets ride in their strollers, or on tricycles, scooters, or bikes in the Parade?

We welcome children of all ages into the parade along with their strollers, tricycles, scooters, and bikes.


What are Twin Troupes?

In African culture any sibling born before or after twins are part of the twins’ troupe and they are treated special together with the twins, so if you are a sibling born before or after twins, one, two or three or even the fourth after them you are welcome to join the parade.


Can our community, cultural organisation, or league form a club of twins or triplets to participate?

Forming community clubs of twins and triplets plus will be one of the best ways to enjoy the parade with neighbours and friends. Friends and families can also come together to form Twins & Triplets Plus Clubs.


Do I have to register to participate?

Yes. Please read the Rules and Regulations.


Do walking units need to provide insurance?

Once you are registered you can walk in the parade, if you put a vehicle or unit in the parade you must provide proof of insurance.


 Are commercial floats welcome?

Yes, but there is a fee of $150.00 to participate.                      


What happens after we disband at End of Steel Park?

You will arrive at the Festival where there will be live entertainment, food and family activities.

Where can I stay?

Edmonton is the second largest city in Alberta and therefore has a large number of lodging options available; online search engines can help you to find one with the amenities you need at a price that works for you.


Where can I park? Click on the link below to find parking spaces around the festival grounds.


Are the parade grounds accessible?

The grounds are generally accessible. 


Are pets allowed on the festival grounds?

Sorry, but pets are not allowed in the parade (Tipton Arena or End of Steel Park). The only exceptions are service animals that are specifically trained to assist the physically challenged.


The Royal Court of Multiples: Who are they?

The Crowned Mother of Multiples, Crowned Father of Multiples, Crown Princes and Crown Princesses are parents of multiples chosen to represent the festival parade as the Royal Court of Multiples. They ride in a horse and carriage at the front of the parade. 


I have more questions, what should I do?                                                                              

Should you need any further assistance you may contact the Parade Committee:




















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